Runway Modeling by Models in Italy 7


    Walter Rossi is a professional model based in Florence. His work experience includes photoshots, catwalk and fashion campaigns. He is available for fashion and print projects. 6′2ʺ / 188cm Born 1988


    Maria Elena is a professional underwear model, TV Host, Fitness & Lifestyle Blogger. Maria Elena was born in Venice and has won several beauty pageants since she was 16. Her work experience includes catwalking for national fashion brands and shooting for known photographers. She was.. 5′10ʺ / 178cm Born 1991


    Studi attuali: Scienze della Comunicazione presso "La Sapienza" di Roma Esperienze lavorative: Calendario per azienda privata (2012); Prossima partecipazione come ballerina e cantante al musical "Incantevolmente" (Dicembre 2011); Ballerina-Animazione in discoteca (Roma, Lazio, Tosca.. 5′5ʺ / 165cm Born 1992

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    Sara Cardillo is a professional model based between Milan and New York. She is available for fashion and print projects. 5′9ʺ / 175cm Born 1987


    Hilary Merlini is a freelance photomodel and manequinne based in Milan. Her work experience includes photoshoot and participation in events. Available for fashion and print projects internationally. 5′9ʺ / 175cm Born 1997


    Andrea Moscon is a model and trainer based in Vicenza. His work experience includes photoshoots, runway shows as well as magazine work. He is available for fashion and print projects internationally. Esperienze di settore Sono stato scelto per la campagna pubblicitaria 2014-2015 Dirk Dikkemberg Ho sfilato per .. 6′1ʺ / 185cm Born 1994


    Gabyte is a model originally from Lithuania that is now based in Milan. She has been modeling since the age of 15. She had done noumerous photo shoots and participated in runways for designers such as Valentin Yudashkin, Txell Miras, Patrick Mohr, Ivana Helsinki, Irakli Nasidze, Barbara i Gongini, Christian Audi.. 5′10ʺ / 178cm Born 1995

    Models currently located in Italy that can be hired for runway modeling. Typical assignments include catwalk for fashion shows featuring accessories, apparel or designer clothing. Fashion shows are regularly conducted regionally by brands and are one of the primary ways fashion designers broadcast their new collection each season to the public. In the majority of shows models with a tall posture are selected (5’8”-5’10” women / 5’11”- 6’3” men), although shorter models are known to participate on occasions as well. The models are expected to be able to walk confidently and aesthetically pleasing on the ramp as well as make posing stops for photographers.